Vitamin D Supplementation for MOM, not baby

In my different seasons of supporting women in breastfeeding, infant supplementing came up frequently.  We frequently would have to take a commonsense approach to this, as there was not any reasearch that was reliable.  I am really excited to be able to share a study where this was studied for Vitamin D, published by the American Academy of Pediatrics!

The results of the study indicate that fully lactating mothers can take a Vitamin D supplement in the amount of 6400 IU daily, to be able to “supplement” their infant in the first year.

This does not diminish the need for some healthy fats, such as wild caught salmon has, with natural Vitamin D, nor the blessing of fresh air and sunlight, where our skin produces Vitamin D itself.  But modern lifestyles where we spend much time indoors, especially in the winter time, can now be compensated for without as much worry about “trace ingredients” affecting your



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