Services Offered

I take my midwife role very seriously!

I take my midwife role very seriously!

My goal in your care is for this to be YOUR birth. I want you to feel like you made these decision about your health care, with my professional “input” as necessary for better understanding. YOUR AUTONOMY is a core principle of my care. This is unique. It is very important to me that you feel like you CHOSE as much of the environment and birth team as possible. We will spend the time needed to make sure you feel informed and knowledgeable about each decision for you and your baby. Although many of the aspects of my care follow a routine schedule, there is nothing routine about my care for you. More visits, more information, personalized research to best meet your needs; these are hallmarks of my individualized care.


Prenatal Care

I offer homebirth midwifery care. Homebirth with Becky at Little Star Birth is going to be a unique experience. Throughout your pregnancy you will receive excellent, individualized prenatal intrapartum (during your labor and birth) and postpartum (after) care. You can join my practice right from the beginning of your pregnancy, and I also accept transfers into care later, on a case-by-case basis, provided you’ve had prenatal care with another provider, at least from the start of your second trimester.

My prenatal care follows a standard midwifery and obstetrical appointment schedule: monthly to 28 weeks, every 2 weeks to 36 weeks, and weekly from that time until you give birth.

Where my care starts to look different is in your prenatal appointment. We spend time talking about your health, diet, family and environmental stressors. We monitor and listen to the baby’s heart rate. We usually spend 45 minutes or more in your prenatal appointment.

At the Birth

Because my midwifery care supports the natural process of birth, we aim to work with you to empower you and support the innate wisdom your body has for the best birth for you.

Once you go into labor, we will discuss the best timing for me to come to your home (or chosen birth location: i.e., friend or in-law’s home, private cabin, etc.).

To your birth I will bring at least one other trained midwife and/or trained birth assistant. To operate safely I require a second person trained in neonatal resuscitation and CPR for health care professionals. Under ideal circumstances you will have met my assistant at least one time, probably at one of your prenatal visits, although if necessary I am happy to arrange for her to drop by your home, for you to meet, ask any questions, etc. at your convenience. This second person will be someone who I trust; either I trained with her and she is a midwife or I trained her and she is MY trained birth assistant (compensation for my assistant will be between myself and my assistant. This is not an additional fee to your birth fee).

I fully support physiological birth: allowing the instinctive process of birth to unfold naturally. It is well-documented that women who birth in a comfortable, dark environment that feels safe to them, with minimal interruption or interaction, the hormones involved in the birth process will function at their fullest, allowing the woman attend to the needs of her body and positions and movement necessary to best help the baby move into his best position for birth.

Your birth vision will be supported to the best of my my ability. I am comfortable with a variety of labor and delivery positions. I especially support waterbirth. I [will] have a tub, equipment, and liner available for rental separate from the fee of the birth (This has not been procured at this time; I intend to procure it prior to the last trimester of my first client requiring it—alternately, I can help a mom find a resource for renting a birth tub).

Postpartum Care:

Once your baby is born and you and baby are stable, I will remain with you, together with my assistant, at the birth location for a minimum of 2 hours, verifying that everyone is stable, baby has latched and breastfeeding is going well, and mom’s uterus is starting to return to its pre-pregnancy state. If things are stabilizing slowly or baby seems to need a little bit of observation, I will remain until I am satisfied that everyone is stable, snuggled up, and happy.

I will be back to see you one to two times in the immediate postpartum period, between one and three days postpartum, i.e., day 1 and day 2 or 3; based on needs. This postpartum visit will be about 1-2 hours in length, depending on paperwork and how much breastfeeding help you want or need. After that, I will see you at about 1 ½ to 2 weeks postpartum and at 5 to 6 weeks postpartum.

Postpartum Midwifery Care Package:

For 2018, I have started a postpartum midwifery care package. This service is available for anyone in third trimester to postpartum. This care includes, three one-hour home visits any time from 36 weeks to 6 weeks partpartum; up to 3 hours phone consultation; vital checks and assessment of mother and baby by Virginia licensed midwife; weight checks of baby; breastfeeding support, encouragement and resources; phone consultation 24/7 for first week postpartum only. Please inquire for more information!

Private Childbirth Education

I offer private, individualized childbirth instruction in your home. Minimum instruction time 4 hours. Inquire for more information!


I serve women in Loudoun and Fairfax Counties, and eastern Clarke and Fauquier Counties, and northern Prince William County. Cities/towns I serve include Sterling, Ashburn, Leesburg, Herndon, Fairfax City, Mclean, Great Falls, Centreville, Falls Church, Springfield, Annandale.